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New Sharingan Live Wallpaper

Developer: BPST
1.49 usd

Enjoy the NEW Sharingan(写輪眼) live wallpaper!Features:*New rendered system(smooth animations)*Many options available(see below)*Works on phones and tablets*Low battery usage*Ad-free
Options:Sharingan List(17 available): Choose which Sharingan you want to display.Switching types(6 options): Choose manual or automatic change to next Sharingan.Random Switching: Next Sharingan order is by randomSpin speed(4 options): Choose spin speed.Background speed(3 options): Choose background moving speed.FPS(5 options): Choose FPS(Frame per Second).
Sharingan(写輪眼) live wallpaper 2015 rendered in OpenGL ES.Please contact us or leave a comment if your device is not supported, THANKS!